Local photographers turn out for 'Chicago Henge'

Wednesday was a very special day for local photographers.

Since the age of Instagram, it's become known as "Chicago Henge" — following a tradition that begann in New York City as "Manhattan Henge." It all centers around the autumnal equinox, which is one of two days of the year with an equal amount of day and night.

"I've been shooting this for the last 8, 9, 10 years," said local photographer Barry Butler.

For photographers like Butler, Chicago Henge is a rare opportunity to capture stunning images of the sun between buildings.

"It just so happens that in Chicago, this light is directly at sunrise and sunset, right over our east-west grid system," said Butler.


Instead of being blocked by a wall of Chicago buildings, during Chicago Henge, the sun sets directly between them. During Wednesday's sunset, dozens of photographers showed up to Millennium Park to capture the moment.

"You might show up and see 30 people, all in one spot," said Butler. "It's fun. It gives you an opportunity to do something creative."

If you missed getting out there for Wednesday's sunset, you are in luck if you're up by 6:39 a.m. Thursday. The same phenomenon will happen at sunrise. If Mother Nature cooperates, you should be able to achieve the same effect, shooting east.