Local School Council calls for independent investigation following LPHS allegations

After two weeks of turmoil involving alleged sexual misconduct at Lincoln Park High School, parents have taken action.

The Local School Council made it clear they are not satisfied with how Chicago Public Schools handled the investigations and faculty firings. They voted Thursday night 8 to 3 in favor to hire a lawyer to do an independent investigation.

The situation all started two weeks ago when CPS announced the removal of the interim principal and assistant principal. That sparked student protests and sit-ins, and some fights erupted in the hallways.

The Sun-Times reports that the now fired interim principal John Thuet apparently “minimized sexual assault allegations that happened on boys’ basketball trips and didn’t protect student whistleblowers from bullying.”

The assistant principal Michelle Brumfield allegedly suggested to a student assault victim that she may have “caused or invited the advances by the staff member.”

CPS says there are now five ongoing investigations: two involving sex assaults of students.

In tonight's meeting, the council did not share any details about the allegations, saying CPS told them the investigation details were supposed to be confidential.

While one parent questioned the Local School Council's independent investigation, many of them stood by their council and the fired administrators.


The Local School Council went into a closed door meeting after the public portion tonight to further discuss how to move forward with the principal selection.

There has been a security increase of 7 to 10 more officers on campus.