Local wheelchair softball team competes in World Series

A local wheelchair softball team is competing right now in the World Series in Biloxi, Mississippi. 

The adaptive sport is nothing like you'd expect. 

Competitive wheelchair softball is down and dirty, extremely competitive and incredible to watch. 

Players range in age from 16 to 55, and both men and women play on the team.

They all have a permanent lower limb disability. Besides the wheelchairs, the rules are the same.

"There are outs, there are collisions at the plate, there are so many things that make this game beautiful," said Coach Keith Wallace.

Jeff Yackley is a pitcher who was injured in a motorcycle accident.

"I wish I would have done this 30 years ago," said Yackley.

In his six years playing the sport, he has met athletes from all around the world, but the World Series is the Holy Grail.


"It's our biggest tournament of the year, usually about 15, 20 teams from across the country will come and compete. Just every year it gets more and more exciting," said Yackley.

The sport has given first-year player Jay Robinson confidence on and off the field.

"Being around other people that have ability issues, just learning from one another it's been great and everybody here has a great attitude," said Robinson.

He was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident a year ago, but nothing has stopped him.

"If it was something you were passionate about before, stay passionate about it and keep going," said Robinson.

The Lincolnway Special Recreation Association is the largest adaptive sports program in Illinois.

In addition to wheelchair softball, they offer adaptive football, tennis and basketball with programs for adults and kids.