Lockport Township High School opens coffee shop

Lockport Township High School students don't have far to go when looking for something to help them warm up on a frigid day.

In fact, they don't even have to leave the building. 

Students now have their own coffee shop on campus.

L-Town Grounds began operating last month on a small scale but officially opened Thursday with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Lockport’s mayor and a few other local dignitaries in attendance.

"Having coffee, having tea – it adds to the culture and the environment of our building here on east campus," said Dr. Robert McBride, Supt. of Lockport Township School District 205.

Administrators also say having this coffee shop on campus adds to student’s job skills.

"We want to give them the foundational skills that they can take with them to any type of employment they are interested in," said Dr. Angela Huntington, Lockport High School Education director.

L-Town Grounds is run by students in the special education program, and is open five days a week from the start of school until 1:30 p.m.

"We offer lattes, macchiato, iced coffee, cold brew, pretty much everything you can think of with different flavors," said Dr. Huntington.

Students place their orders online via the school's website and can schedule a pickup time that’s convenient for their schedule.

"They can swing by and pick it up on their way to the lunchroom or to study hall," said Dr. Huntington. "We have some designated areas where they can enjoy their coffee without having to worry about close contact."

Students also pay for their drinks electronically using a cash app or a debit card. Their parents can even buy them a gift card for the coffee shop.


Cadence Taylor is one of the 18 students who work at L-Town Grounds.

"Its really fun," said Taylor. "I really like to make people happy."

The students aren't the only ones excited about L-Town Grounds.

Daniel Bednarz owns Gost Coffee Roasters in New Lenox, which is where L-Town Grounds gets its coffee from.

"It's exciting to see Lockport High School taking a chance and opening a coffee shop in the school," said Bednarz. "It's almost like ushering a new way of skill building."

Right now, L-Town Grounds is only open to school staff members and seniors.  

They hope to have it open to all students by Valentine's Day.