Lollapalooza concert-goers need vaccine card or negative COVID test to get in

Thousands upon thousands of people packed Grant Park Thursday for the first day of Lollapalooza.

However, it has not been without its hiccups, because of many new COVID-19 rules.

Before you are granted entry, there is a very strict screening process in place.

There are three checkpoints before you can make it onto the festival grounds. 

Guests must be fully vaccinated or be able to present proof of a negative COVID test result. 

If you do not have your physical vaccination card on hand, you are able to show a photo of your vaccination record.

Brian Goodman is fully vaccinated, but his 11-year-old son is not.


The family thought he’d be able to get inside as long as he wore as mask, however, a COVID test was still required.

"We got the test, we just haven’t gotten the results, they literally said no not until you have something in writing," said Goodman.

There were long lines at Rapid COVID testing sites throughout the day.

There are two same day PCR testing sites setup near Lollapalooza. One is located at 432 E. Grand and a second at 1921 S. Michigan. Appointments must be made online.

"I mean this could be a super spreader event, they’re trying to take all precautions," said Goodman.