Lollapalooza opening day draws massive crowds amid safety concerns

The crowd was estimated at 100,000 on day one of Chicago's biggest music festival.

Good times and great weather greeted guests at Lollapalooza where fans listened to their favorite artists.

"Today I’m going to see HER and Haley Kiyoko and the Chainsmokers," said Toni Reynolds.

The four-day fest mostly draws teens and people in their early 20s, sticking it out from open to close and rushing from one show to the next.

"I know that they’re all the way over on the other side and so Haley Kiyoko is here, so we’ll have to like run and sprint to get good seats," said Reynolds.

Jill Konkel has been returning to Lolla for 10 years.

“It’s changed a Lot. It’s a lot more expensive now so, it’s so much bigger," said Konkel.

The price for a four-day general admission ticket, about $400. Those who come to the event do so in style.

“People take this opportunity to express their personality and just let free without judgment so. I see people really take advantage of that," said Morena Corona.

For Amy Leal, the day is a lot of hurry up and wait for a good spot.

“Last year I went in the crowd and wasn’t good because I’m small. And you can’t see, no," said Leal.

What she's trying to avoid is being in the middle of the crowd, large and packed in tight.

"it was crazy last performance when Ghostmane was on. There was mosh pits and someone got injured, but I guess it was good. You expect that from Lolla, that people will get loud and crazy and have fun” Yea, good vibes," said Jimmy Mojica.

Security was tight as Lollapalooza shut down for the night. Uniformed police officers lined Michigan Avenue.