London Marquez Case: Family demands answers after pregnant woman dies in Chicago police custody

A family is pleading for answers after their loved one died in Chicago police custody late last month.

On Jan. 27, London Marquez died while in the custody of 11th Police District officers. According to relatives, she was 31 years old.

This is the second time within six weeks that someone has died while in the custody of the Chicago Police Department. In mid-December, Irene Chavez, 33, died at the 3rd Police District Tactical Office. The Chicago Office of Police Accountability (COPA) is investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of both women.

On Sunday afternoon, the family of London Marquez spoke out – demanding transparency from CPD and the City of Chicago. They said they’ve received no explanation as to how or why Marquez died.

"We need answers, we need answers, I don’t care what you say, we need answers. Our family wants answers," said Latoyia Marquez, London Marquez’s sister. "I miss my sister so much."


Hand-in-hand, a family prayed for peace Sunday outside of CPD’s 11th District Office – sharing their grief and heartbreak over the loss of London Marquez.

"Can you tell me how she died, what happened!?" said Latoyia Marquez.

Family members told FOX 32 their pain is being made worse by the circumstances surrounding London Marquez’s death.

"It has been a sleepless week," said Marcus Marquez.

Marcus Marquez said his sister, London, was seven months pregnant.

He told FOX32 that London Marquez was with friends in Humboldt Park on Thursday, Jan. 27. Not with her at the time, he doesn't know why – but said police ended up taking her into custody, where she later died.

COPA confirmed in a tweet they are investigating "the death of a civilian" on Jan. 27 "while in the custody of 11th District officers."

"We don’t know where, we don’t know when, we don’t know how," said Marcus Marquez.

Community members and loved ones are now calling for the release of dashcam, bodycam, and district surveillance video.

"This family deserves answers. They deserve accountability," said Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, Chicago Activist Coalition for Justice.

During a balloon released Sunday, family members shared how they hope London Marquez is remembered.

"She was real lovable," said Lasheena Marquez, London Marquez’s sister.

"She was just one of them friends that everybody needs to have," said Marcus Marquez. "She was that shoulder you could lean on."

CPD has directed FOX32’s requests for comment to COPA. We reached out to COPA and Mayor Lori Lightfoot's office, but did not immediately hear back.  

The family said they plan to have an independent autopsy performed.