Man survives vicious dog attack with 130 bites and counting: 'I'm grateful to have my life'

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Davyta Gray was attacked by a pack of dogs and received over 130 dog bites.  (Davyta Gray )

A Louisiana man is undergoing extensive therapy after getting attacked by a pack of dogs and getting bitten more than 130 times. 

30-year-old Davyta Gray said the terrifying and near-death incident happened last month in Ringgold.  

Gray said he was walking in the neighborhood when the dogs seemingly came out of nowhere. He believed there were about 10 dogs of different breeds. 

"When the dogs came down the road, they started biting," he told FOX Television Stations. "I'm laying on the ground, screaming, screaming for help."

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Gray said he started swinging his bag to fend off the dogs. The dog's owner also came out and used a sledgehammer to help Gray before going back inside her home. 

First responders arrived and took Gray to a local hospital where he was placed on life support. 

Gray said he received a total of 130 dog bites. He said the only places where he didn't receive bites were his stomach, head and neck because he was in the fetal position using his arms to shield those parts of his body from the dogs. 

Doctors placed Gray on life support and had to sew a pinky toe back to his foot because it was hanging off. 

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"I had to have five surgeries in five days," he continued. 

Gray said Ringgold Police told him he has to file a complaint before they can look into pressing charges against the owner. However, the owner has been required to quarantine the dogs until further notice, according to local outlets.

Gray said he's not sure why the dogs attacked him, but he had seen the dogs before knows their owner. He said the owner has somewhere around 30 dogs and neighbors have previously complained about the animals.

"I'm grateful to have my life," he said, adding that he really wants something done about the dogs. 

In the meantime, Gray is learning how to balance and walk again before he is released from the rehabilitation center. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.