Loyola University cancels in-person classes over coronavirus concerns

Loyola University joined a growing list of Chicago schools canceling in-person classes, citing fears of a the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Starting Friday, all face-to-face classes at Loyola are suspended through the end of the semester, the school wrote Thursday in a letter to students.

“Although currently there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) at Loyola, we are hereby taking steps to reduce the spread of this virus,” the school said in the letter. “We do so while ensuring academic continuity for our students.”

Current online classes will continue, and suspended classes will move to online instruction by March 23, the school said.

Loyola is also moving all students from residential halls as soon as possible.

Earlier Thursday, the University of Chicago canceled in-person classes due to coronavirus, joining the University of Illinois, Illinois State University, DePaul and Northwestern, which have all announced plans to suspend in-person classes.