Lucky indeed: Dog left paralyzed after being hit by train in Philadelphia finds forever home

A dog found abandoned and partially paralyzed after being found on SEPTA tracks in Philadelphia has finally found a forever home. 

The nonprofit organization Philly Rescue Angles made a public cry for help after the dog was found in December. 

"Someone has literally dumped this poor dog on the train tracks, he has been laying here for two days," the organization said. "He has literally been laying his body down and the train has been going over him." 

Lucky's spinal cord injury left him unable to use his back legs and an influx of donations helped the organization fund surgery and rehabilitation. 


After surgery, Lucky began recovery at a foster home as applications to adopt him piled up. 

Months later, one of the women who helped save his life welcomed him into her family. 

According to Philly Rescue Angels, the organization received hundreds of applications to adopt him when he was first posted, but once his spinal cord injury was revealed, many people backed out. 

"This was a long process, but we know Lucky was ghosted by these people for a reason, because now he is where he belongs," the group said on Instagram. 

The organization says it will continue to financially support Lucky for the rest of his life as he needs monthly medical care, prescriptions and items to help his mobility. 

A wishlist has been created to help his new family. Items for Lucky can be purchased here.