Man convicted of beating, sexually assaulting toddler to be released from prison early

A mother is outraged that her baby girl's killer will go free on Thursday.

It is a heartbreaking case that shocked the Chicago area back in 1997.

The horrific crime was initially classified as a death penalty case. That was dropped, and when "Truth-in-Sentencing" laws were ruled unconstitutional two years later, the toddler's parents found out her murderer would not serve his full term. They just did not think he would get out this early.

"My hands are tied. There's absolutely nothing I can do to stop this," said Gretta Morgan.

Morgan found out just weeks ago that her 20-month old daughter Quortney's murderer, 47-year-old Cayce Williams, will be released from prison after serving half of his 48-year sentence.

"I've been going through this roller coaster of emotions. One minute I'll be fine and then the next thing that pops in my head has me in tears," Morgan said.

The toddler died after being beaten and sexually assaulted. Williams was babysitting the child and her 5-year-old sister at the time. He is scheduled to be released Thursday.

"It makes me very angry that once again I get the short end of the stick in this case," Morgan said. "I feel like he wins again."


Quortney's father launched a petition on to block Williams’ parole. It amassed 1,300 signatures. He is also calling on friends and supporters to make a strong showing outside the Dixon Correctional Center to make a statement when Williams walks out.

Morgan says she will not be there, instead opting to visit her daughter's grave.

"I've tried for a very long time to do what was right by her and tomorrow I feel like the right thing to do is to be with her," Morgan said.

She said if any good comes out of this situation, it is to shine a light on the thousands of violent criminals in Illinois whose sentences were shortened after Illinois’ Truth-in-Sentencing law was ruled unconstitutional in 1999.

Williams is expected to walk out of prison as early as 8 a.m. on Thursday.