Man: Dead rodent in soda bottle he gave toddler to drink

A man said he gave his young grandson some soda to drink and then was shocked at what he found inside!

John Graves posted a picture on Facebook and wrote it shows a dead rat in that bottle of Dr. Pepper.

The Houston-area man added he contacted the soda company and its response was, "Send us the bottle and we will let you know something in 6-8 weeks."

Dr. Pepper told TV station KPRC it’s concerned but “virtually impossible for any foreign object to enter any container during the bottling process.”

The company offered to get the rat tested, saying results would take 6-8 weeks, but the family chose to have it tested themselves. Graves says he’s waiting for those results.

The TV station also reported the three-year-old boy went to the doctor for blood and urine tests.