Man finds monkey selfies after mischievous primate steals phone

Something tells us this isn’t this monkey’s first time using a cellphone.

A long-tailed macaque monkey apparently stole a man’s phone and captured a fair few videos and selfies of itself in Johor, Malaysia according to the phone’s owner, Muhammad Zackrydz bin Mohd Rodzi.

On Sept. 12, Rodzi awoke to find his phone was missing. As he scoured his bedroom for his phone, he came to the conclusion that someone had stolen it, but there was no sign of a robbery.

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“There’s no sign of robbery or something because everything is fine and my family have seen nothing, the only thing in my mind was maybe it’s some kind of sorcery or something,” Rodzi said.

Rodzi said he tried calling the phone for the next two days with no luck.

“On the second day of the phone missing, I was thinking to hire someone or maybe make a police report to find my phone,” he said.

Rodzi’s father then mentioned he had seen a monkey playing around their compound and said there could be a chance the monkey stole his phone.

“But what are the odds, right? I was sleeping at the second floor of my house, and my house was entirely locked that time,” Rodzi said.

Rodzi and his brother decided to search their backyard for a final attempt to find his phone when they heard it ringing not too far inside of the jungle near his home.

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Apart from the peeled screen protector and the muddy screen, the phone was in perfect condition, Rodzi said.

Once Rodzi notified his family that he found his missing phone, Rodzi’s uncle jokingly said, “The monkey left a selfie.”

To Rodzi’s surprise, that’s exactly what it did.

“Then I open my gallery and boom! A gallery full of monkey photos,” he said. “There are photos, slow-mos, timelapse, portrait, and everything.”

Storyful contributed to this story.