Man who was body slammed by Chicago cop bailed out of jail by Rev. Jackson

The man caught on viral video being body slammed by a Chicago police officer has been bailed out of jail by Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Bernard Kersh, 29, has been locked up since Thanksgiving Day. On Friday night, he walked out of the Cook County Jail with his mother, Rev. Jackson and other community activists.

Chicago police allege Kersh licked the face of an officer and spat on him, and that the officer then performed an “emergency takedown.”

The days after the video went viral, it has also come out that the officer is a trained former MMA fighter.

Chicago police say Kersh was stopped because he was drinking vodka in a public place in the Chatham neighborhood in the 800 block of East 79th street.

Since the cellphone video has been seen around the nation, outrage and the call for the officers to be fired has ensued.

Kersh is still facing a felony for aggravated battery and two misdemeanors. He was being held on $5,000 bond, so Rev. Jackson paid $500 to get him released.

Kersh has been medically diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Both of the tactical officers are on desk duty pending COPA’s investigation.

As for Kersh, Cook County prosecutors plan to seek a grand jury indictment against him.