Man with world's largest feet receives new, custom shoes

A 28-year-old Venezuelan man with the world's biggest feet got some new kicks thanks to a German specialist maker.

Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez's feet have grown over the years. In 2015, his right foot measured at 15.79 in. and his left 15.5 in. – roughly a size 26, according to FOX News

The German Embassy in Venezuela, says shoemaker Georg Wessels has been making shoes for Rodriguez Hernandez for years.

He recently came to Venezuela to make his latest delivery, of size 70 shoes in Venezuelan measurements. 

Rodriguez, a mild-mannered 7 ft. 3 in. giant, earned the Guinness distinction in 2015, after an adjudicator paid him a visit in his native Maracay, an hour drive from Caracas.

"Since that day I think my feet have grown even more," he previously told Fox News Latino.

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He may not be wrong. The uncontrollable growth is due to a condition called acromegaly, an extremely rare syndrome that occurs when the anterior pituitary gland produces excess growth hormone. As part of his treatment, Rodriguez requires regular checkups and a special diet to avoid getting fat – something he says he can’t afford.

Rodriguez was first diagnosed at age 12, after four years of family members puzzling over his oversized complexion – and especially his big feet.

From the age of 14, he had to have shoes made out of cloth material that only lasted two to three weeks, he has revealed.

Rodriguez is not the tallest person in the world -- that record still belongs to 8 ft 2 in.-tall Sultan Kösen, a Turkish national. But the Venezuelan is not interested in claiming the distinction.

"When I was a kid some of my classmates bullied me," he recalled. "Now I am quite popular and people ask me for pictures on the streets. I lost track of how many journalists contacted me since," he happily told FNL.

FOX News contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.