Man, woman found dead in Uptown apartment during well-being check

Authorities said there was no sign of a break-in at an Uptown senior building where a married couple was found shot to death Sunday evening.

Sheila Banks, 61, and Ocie Banks Sr., 79, were found dead in a third-floor apartment about 8:30 p.m. after officers conducted a well-being check at the Wilson Yard senior apartments, 1032 W. Montrose Ave., authorities said.

An on-site maintenance worker opened the couple's unit for officers, who discovered them dead in the bedroom.

Ocie Banks Sr. had trauma to his face and several gunshot wounds, while Sheila Banks had a gunshot wound to the side of the head, police and the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office said. Both of their deaths were ruled homicides.


The apartment, which was rented to Sheila Banks, was locked when police arrived, according to a statement from the building’s management company, Holsten Management. There was no sign of forced entry, the company said.

Larry Burns, a neighbor, said he had seen Sheila Banks in the building’s laundry room Thursday and that she had hosted a card party on Friday. He said he saw her again in the hallway on Saturday.

"She was in a really great mood, and she looked really nice," said Burns. "She was really a lovely person, a lovely neighbor to have."

Burns lives next door to Banks’ apartment and said he did not hear a gunshot or any strange noises.

"We are all terrified. Whatever happened, it shouldn’t have happened," said Gretta Carter, neighbor "No one should get shot, no one should get jacked, no one should get robbed, no one should get beat, I think it’s horrible the world we’re living in and I’m sick of all of this mess."

The building requires visitors to be buzzed in, leaving neighbors and those with relatives who live there on edge.

"It makes me feel concerned for my dad. We're trying to figure this out, was it an inside job, did someone come in and do this to them," said Dorothy Jackson, whose father lives in the building. "I told him, ‘Don't open your door for no one. If someone rings that bell, don't open it if they’re not saying who they are. If you’re not talking to them, don’t open it and let them in the building. Period.’"

Crisis responder Andrew Holmes said he believes police will identify the suspect.

"I believe 100% it will be solved, reason being, with the surveillance system they have here, inside, outside, elevators, stairwells, it will tell who has been in that apartment last, who came in and who left," Holmes said.

Sheila Banks' oldest son, Wardell, tells FOX 32 he is completely devastated and is praying for justice.

No one is in custody as Area Three detectives investigate.