Marian Catholic High School students give back with Day of Service

The Day of Service at Marian Catholic High School is spent beautifying the school and the community around it.

No experience is necessary when it comes to helping others. Whether preparing meals for the homeless or lunches for first responders, painting images to look like the stained-glass in the chapel or making jewelry for children with cancer, the only skill students need, is to have a caring heart.

"This is a half day, but it’s dedicated to something greater and amazing, so it’s just nice," said Lauren Richardson, student leader for the day of service.

The football team applied their strength to planting trees on campus.

"I’m helping out in the soup kitchen, we’re making lunches for Our Lady of Angels to deliver to the homeless, and also we have kids making lunches for the police officers and fire department," high school senior Sophia Ponnezhan said.

And students created two ofrendas, Day of the Dead altars to decorate the lobby and celebrate culture.

Some students traveled off campus to work at an animal shelter or build houses. Through service, students realize their potential to make the world a better place.