Marine pays surprise visit to little sister's suburban school

It was a heartwarming surprise in the northern suburbs.

A Libertyville elementary school student who hadn't seen her brother for six months finally got to see him in person.

Marine Corporal Maxwell Sampson, 23, had been stationed in Kuwait for the past six months.

"It was hot. It was sometimes cold. And just a lotta, lotta sand,” Sampson said.

He and his buddies began talking about seeing their families again.

"First thing I said is I want to surprise my little sister at school,” Sampson said.

So on Wednesday, the third graders at Butterfield School in Libertyville were told to expect a surprise.

Moments later, in walked Corporal Sampson, sneaking up behind his little sister, 9-year-old Frances.

"I was kinda stunned when he was there. I didn't believe my eyes, really,” Frances said.

Also in on the surprise was Sampson’s father, Mike, who's a commander in the US Naval Reserves.

"I loved it. I love the fact that Max is home. I love the fact that he can go out and help people that are less fortunate than we are and live under different circumstances,” Mike said.

In a few weeks, Sampson will be back overseas.