Massive brawl breaks out on North Avenue Beach on Memorial Day

Earlier this week, FOX 32 showed you the tons of trash left behind after a massive Memorial Day party on North Avenue Beach.

Now, video has surfaced of a Memorial Day melee that involved dozens of beach goers.

From the looks of the video, there were hundreds of people on the beach Monday when a fight broke out. Punches were thrown, coolers and bottles became weapons, and some innocent bystanders became victims just trying to escape it.

Alejandro Contreras was Snapchatting friends when the fight broke out.

“I've never seen that many people on the beach before.  I've seen it packed, but not that packed,” Contreras said. “I literally just see people running into each other and people running up to the crowd to take a video or whatever.”

He had a front row seat to the melee, and was there when the beat down finally ended.

“He was a cool kid.  He said he hopped in because his friend was fighting. So he had good intentions, I guess,” Contreras added.

Contreras isn't sure why the fight started, but it continued when people kept jumping in to help friends.

Some even turned bottles and coolers into weapons.

“I saw some police, but only when they were making people dump their bottles and stuff like that. But they didn't come till way after the fight happened,” Contreras said.

And by then, those involved were long gone.

CPD says they did have officers in the area, but did not get any reports of fights on the beach. No arrests were made.