Mayor Emanuel reacts to Smollett charges dropped: 'Chicago deserves an answer'

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is dumbfounded over the charges dropped against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, saying he and the superintendent of police were totally caught off guard by the decision.

The mayor voiced his frustration and confusion over the case Wednesday while speaking to reporters.

But there was one very important question he did not answer, at least not yet. 

"I'm reminded of the opening scenes of Hamlet when the soldier says, Marcelis says, something is rotten in Denmark, it doesn't add up,” Emanuel said.

Mayor Emanuel is still reeling over the state's attorney's decision to drop all 16 felony charges against Smollett.

"The city of Chicago deserves an answer,” he said.

Mayor Emanuel questioned the State's Attorney's Office for signing off on the police work, then turning around and exonerating Smollett, who can now claim he was the victim.

"They found out it was a hoax, which they stood by yesterday, the State's Attorney's Office, the person that committed that hoax is walking around saying I'm innocent, and everything I said is true. I would like a resolution and a sense of accountability and responsibility in this system of who is right,” Emanuel said.

But with the judge sealing the case, that answer may never come.

"There's a sense here that you have one rule applying to an individual because he's an actor, somebody with a certain amount of status, as being treated different,” Emanuel said.

And there's another question still going unanswered. A reporter asked Mayor Emanuel whether the city will sue Smollett to recoup some of the money wasted on the lengthy investigation.

The city of Chicago, though, is not yet commenting on whether they'll file suit.

Meanwhile, Smollett’s attorney says she's working to expunge the actor's record of any wrongdoing.