Mayor Johnson speaks at UIC social justice forum

Mayor Brandon Johnson is getting ready for his first City Council meeting this week. 

Johnson spoke Sunday at the University of Illinois at Chicago, joining the university's social justice initiative for its portal project public forum, "Freedom Dreams and Chicago Futures."

Activists, workers and students were all part of a discussion on critical issues from immigration, police accountability, environmental justice and education.


Johnson talked about protecting workers rights while he's in office.

"Over and over and over again it's been proven that the politics of old have failed and so that's why it was important for me to dedicate someone in the office specific to making sure that not just those who are unionized have protection and leadership but workers as a whole. Whether you work in a warehouse or whether you are a gig worker, you deserve to show up to work every day and experience dignity and when you finally finish up that job you should have some retirement at the end to meet you there," Johnson said

Johnson also talked about his mission to bring the city as a whole together, much like he says happened to help him win the election.