Mayor Lightfoot decides to not punish CPD second-in-command for Aruba vacation

Mayor Lori Lightfoot was still upset over the weekend that Chicago's number two cop took his family to a Caribbean island.

But she's now decided to "move on."

While meeting in New York with billionaire Michael Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and other financial heavyweights, Mayor Lightfoot dealt with a more prosaic concern: the family vacation taken by the Chicago Police Department's first deputy superintendent, Anthony Riccio.

Lightfoot's spokeswoman wrote, "The mayor spoke directly with First Deputy Riccio earlier today, making clear her expectations for all police officers going forward and emphasizing the importance for CPD's exempt ranks to lead by example."

The mayor has asked top cops not to take vacations this summer and was surprised by Riccio's long-planned trip to the Caribbean. Riccio reportedly celebrated a daughter's graduation with a six-day trip to the Caribbean. He apparently pre-paid it, before Lightfoot's no time-off order. In the end, she decided to let it go.

"The mayor believes the issue is resolved," her spokeswoman said, "and she continues to have full confidence in the first deputy and every member of the Chicago Police Department."

The mayor's two-day trip to New York includes a meeting Tuesday with Mayor Bill De Blasio and a speech to a Democratic party LGBTQ group.

Lightfoot's trying to raise her national profile, recording an interview with Stephen Colbert to air on Thursday. She's due to return to Chicago Tuesday.