Mayor Lightfoot takes part in peace parade to fight Memorial Day weekend violence

Mayor Lori Lightfoot will be spending her first weekend as mayor walking the streets of Chicago.

On Friday, she took part in a peace parade to try to crack down on Memorial Day weekend violence before it happens. Last year, at least seven people were killed and more than 30 were injured.

Every police district will play a critical role in bucking the trend of what has been a violent weekend, according to the mayor. She says the West Side will play a large role in making that happen, where she started her weekend meeting with members of the community.

“I made a commitment to be visible,” Lightfoot said.

This week, officials announced the addition of 1,200 officers hitting city streets -- including a team of officers dedicated to public transportation, the activation of the city's emergency control center to coordinate all city resources, and more than 100 programs for youth, hoping to keep them from gathering in large crowds and causing disturbances downtown.

“Every single day, the challenge of keeping people safe is the primary responsibility of governing,” Lightfoot said.

They are asking for help from religious leaders as well, taking to the streets to keep peace, with some welcoming police to their communities.

“It’s important for community members to stand behind them,” Reverend James Bailey.

Already, city police say they are starting the weekend the right way. They conducted an overnight narcotics raid leading to 32 arrests, seizures of drugs and guns, and $10,000 in cash.

The mayor is planning to continue to be visible this weekend by joining police patrols. All 1,200 additional officers are hitting city streets starting Friday night.