Meg Ryan directs and stars in new rom-com 'What Happens Later'

The "queen of rom-coms" Meg Ryan is not only starring in a new romantic comedy hitting theaters this weekend – she wrote and directed it as well.

"What Happens Later" stars Ryan and David Duchovny are exes who are reunited during an airport delay.

The two actors are also connected in another way – 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of two massive moments in their careers: the release of "Sleepless in Seattle" and the first episode of "The X-Files."

Ryan and Duchovny sat down with FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter to look back on their monumental anniversaries.

"I remember the show beginning," Duchovny said of the hit FOX series "The X-Files." "It was strange, just to have a show. The show didn’t hit its peak popularity right away, it was sort of a slow burn. I was just happy to be a working actor."

Of the 30th anniversary of "Sleepless in Seattle," Meg Ryan said:

"I remember when the movie came out, Nora [Ephron] said ‘Meg, this never happens.’ When it works, it never happens."

"What Happens Later" is in theaters now.