Menorah damaged in Lakeview just before the start of Hanukkah

The Lakeview Jewish Community said a menorah display was damaged Tuesday night.

The menorah at Broadway and Waveland has been up for only two days. However, sometime between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday, it was damaged – just days before the start of Hanukkah.

Rabbi Dovid Kotlarsky of the Chabad of East Lakeview says four out of the eight of the structure’s sticks were found lying on the ground.

"When I heard about it, when I was giving a class for about 15 to 20 people the room, and I said, ’This is going to make us stronger,’" said Rabbi Kotlarsky.

This is one of eight menorahs that the Chabad of East Lakeview installs every Hanukkah. That particular one has been in the same spot for six or seven years and has never had any issues.

"One Candle in a dark room brightens up the whole room, and this one menorah will brighten up every three new menorahs," said the rabbi who is now planning to add three extra menorahs in the community.

It’s possible the menorah was blown over by a gust of wind, but the rabbi says if the damage was malicious, he has this to say to the perpetrator.

"You should know that you actually made us stronger. So, thank you for doing this, don't do it again because if they test us again, we'll just have to add another few," said the rabbi.

The rabbi also says they have begun ordering new parts to fix the menorah. A police report has also been filed.