Metra dispatch audio released in case of Chicago police officers killed by train

New audio is offering a glimpse into the devastating moments after Metra officials realized two Chicago Police Department officers were hit and killed by a train last month

It was Dec. 17 when a South Shore train struck and killed officers Conrad Gary and Eduardo Marmolejo on the tracks near 103rd and Dauphin on the South Side.

“Emergency, emergency, emergency,” a train engineer said on the audio. “9-1-1-9, I believe I just hit a pedestrian.

“Hey, just a heads up, this is a Chicago PD,” the engineer said. “I’ve got a firearm belt, a firearm is missing, looks like a Hispanic male.”

Then, a few moments after seeing the first police officer, a second was discovered. 

“I’ve got a second body down here, a Chicago police officer.”

The train engineer announces the arrival of an ambulance and Chicago police patrol cars on scene. While police begin to investigate, attention is refocused to the 500-plus passengers still onboard the commuter train. 

“Someone please make an announcement to passengers, but don’t freak them out, thank you,” the engineer said. 

We would later find out it seemed the officers were not aware of the oncoming train. They were laid to rest last month.