Metra unveils new fare structure, launches 'Access Pilot' program

Metra introduced its updated fare structure on Thursday, featuring the inauguration of the 'Access Pilot' program.

In collaboration with Cook County, Metra, and the Regional Transportation Authority, the 'Access Pilot' program aims to extend reduced-price transit access to riders throughout the RTA’s six-county region. All members of SNAP recipient households are eligible for a 50 percent discount on all fares.

"Really a program to essentially help riders across the region who are experiencing low incomes. And really provide them better access to jobs, education, recreation, and really just the freedom to move around our region in a safe and equitable way," said Leanne Reddin, RTA Executive Director.

Cook County has allocated $6 million to fund the pilot program through July of next year.

Eligible individuals can apply for the program either by phone at 312-913-3110, online at, or at one of the 62 DFSS locations across the area. There is no specified deadline for application.