Michigan State University Spartans hold vigil in Chicago for victims of campus mass shooting

Saturday night, Tree House in Chicago's River North neighborhood was a place to grieve for Michigan State University Spartans, and also a place to recognize and embrace their strength after a mass shooting on campus.

"We’re a community, we’re strong, it’s a healing process even for us in Chicago," said Lisa Payton, class of 1986.

Everyone held candles, many folks were seen wiping away tears. More than 300 MSU alum, current students and faculty members attended. 

"This is something that was unimaginable to me. It seems wrong to say because it happens everywhere not, all over the place," said Melissa Green of East Lansing.


On Monday classes will resume at MSU. That’s exactly one week after a lone gunman shot eight students,  killing  three of them with the rest left critically injured.  The motive is still unknown as authorities say the killer had a history of mental illness and no association to the University. 

Police say the gunman killed himself after going on the random shooting rampage. Students were locked down in whatever safe place they could find for three hours. 

Two of the victims' funerals were held on Saturday.