Migrants move into former Chicago elementary school

Migrants started moving into the former Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn Thursday afternoon.

Workers trimmed the tree branches in front of the building Monday. Sidewalks and parking lots are plowed and salted. 

The Wadsworth building once had more than 500 students in attendance when it was active. City officials said 250 adult migrants will move in. 


At Saturday's community meeting about the school, officials said the outside shower trailers they brought up previously aren't needed any longer because bathrooms on each floor were converted to showers.

Third District Police Commander Roderick Watson assured neighbors they'd get regular updates. 

Woodlawn-area residents told city and state officials they are opposed to having migrants move to their neighborhood. The city has received more than 5,000 migrants since August, bussed here by the governors of Texas and Colorado.

The state of Illinois has approved funding for the city's expenses.