Minnesota man with concealed carry license fatally shoots would-be robber

A Minnesota man with a concealed carry license shot and killed a would-be robber Tuesday night. Authorities have not released full details of the incident, but Brooklyn Park Police said in a Facebook post that “early indications are that the shooting stems from an attempted robbery.” At some point guns were drawn and both men fired at each other.

“Upon arrival, officers located one adult male in the area who was deceased from an apparent gunshot wound,” police said.

Officers recovered both guns at the scene. They have not released the identity of the deceased man or the man who shot him. Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley told The Minneapolis Star Tribune that the man who died “goes back and forth between Brooklyn Park and Minneapolis. He’s an individual we’ve known from previous contact. He certainly hangs out around here.”

Police said no arrests have been made and authorities are not seeking additional suspects. There are more than 221,000 active gun-permit holders in Minnesota, including 20,000 who’ve registered in the past six months, according to The Star Tribune, citing state data.

“A loss of life is a tragedy,” State Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, wrote to The Star Tribune. “But when a criminal pulls a gun, they risk ending their life. Concealed carry works.”

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