Miraculous recovery for kitten at PAWS Chicago's Medical Center in Little Village

It was a miraculous recovery for a kitten at PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center.

The new Little Village facility is the largest and most advanced hospital for homeless pets in the country.

Jubilee was six-months-old when she was brought to PAWS from a municipal shelter.

"What you could tell by visually looking at her was that she had a fractured leg that was practically broken in half. Once we did more extensive testing, radiology, blood work, we saw so many more things that had to be dealt with," said PAWS CEO Susanna Homan.

The kitten had a fractured tail that required a partial amputation and was carrying a deadly feline distemper virus.

"In a lot of shelters, once they realize that a cat has panleukopenia, they euthanize because they don't want it to spread to the rest of the population," said Homan.

The PAWS Chicago Medical Center team, which consists of eight full time veterinarians and thirty vet techs, worked quickly to stabilize Jubilee.

They provided life-saving treatment and pain relief.


After three weeks of care, she is in an isolation room, that provides fresh air to her, so her upper respiratory infection doesn’t spread to other animals.

She has a large cast on her fractured leg and is healing nicely.

PAWS Chicago raises money year-round to provide this level of care.

"We have a philosophy here, that is once a PAWS pet, always a PAWS pet.  So what that is, is a lifetime guarantee that if she's adopted by a family and if anything were to happen to her years from now, if the person who adopts her can no longer care for her, we will always take her back and find a new home for her," said Homan.

Jubilee should be ready for adoption in four to six weeks.

To learn more about PAWS, head to www.PAWSChicago.org.