Mitchelle Blair: Why I killed my kids

FOX 2 News (WJBK) -- A Detroit woman has pleaded guilty to killing two of her children and storing their bodies in a home freezer.

Mitchelle Blair entered her plea Monday, saying she killed her 13-year-old daughter, Stoni, and 9-year-old son, Steven, months apart. Two other children were also living in the home at the time. 

The bodies of Stoni and Steven were discovered in a freezer in March, while Blair was being evicted from her Detroit home. Police believe they died in 2012 and 2013.

In taking a plea, Blair has to be able to tell the judge exactly what happened to her children. She gave shocking and graphic details Monday morning in court. 

VIDEO: You can watch her full testimony in the video player above. 
Warning: Details are graphic and may be disturbing to some. 

She said she "definitely meant to kill" Stoni, and that she would do it again if she had to. She says she did it as punishment because Stoni was sexually assaulting her youngest son. 

Blair admitted she repeatedly punched Stoni on several occasions, burned her with hot water and hit her in the head. Blair says she killed Stoni by suffocating her with a grocery bag. 

"I do not feel any remorse for what I did to Stoni because she had no remorse for what she did to my son. She not only raped him, but she gang raped him with Steven," Blair testified. 

She said she was going to turn herself in immediately after but that she wanted to stay and be with her youngest son, the one who is the victim of the alleged sexual assaults. 

A year later, she says she found out her other son, Steven, had been continuing to rape the younger son. 

She says she then put garbage bags over Steven's head, choked him with a belt, punched and kicked him, and burned him with scalding water in his genital area. She says she also made him drink Windex because the youngest son said Steven had made him drink "the blue stuff from under the sink."

The youngest son was 6 years old at the time. 

Blair testified she meant to seriously harm Steven, but did not intend to murder him but knows her actions ultimately caused his death. 

"If I had killed Steven intentionally I definitely would be proud to say I did, but I didn't," she added. "I don't feel no emotion for the death of them demons [sic]."

As for the accusation that she had been starving Steven, she says that is not true. She says she took away his meat, though, because she learned he had been stealing food from the younger son. She believes that is why Steven may have lost weight. 

Blair said she called the police once and asked for "advice for a friend" if a sibling was caught sexually assaulting another, and asked what would happen to the other children in the home. She says she didn't take the call any further because she believed Child Protective Services would remove the younger son and a third child from the home. 

The judge said the medical examiner's reports were consistent with the testimony Blair gave, and accepted her guilty plea. 

Blair faces life in prison without parole. A formality sentencing is scheduled for July 17.