Mom calls police after Domino's does not deliver pizza

 (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A mom in the U.K. called the police after Domino’s did not deliver the pizza she ordered, accusing the restaurant of letting her kids "go hungry."

Clair, whose last name was not shared, said she ordered $48 worth of pizza from the chain restaurant for her family. However, an hour after placing the order, Clair said a Plymouth Domino’s employee called her and said the pizza oven had broken and that her order would be refunded — a process that could take up to an entire day.

The mom of three, ages 5, 13 and 15, said the nearly $50 pizza order had left her only $9 to live on for the next two days. and therefore unable to purchase her children food after the order fell through, so she called the police for assistance.

"I phoned the police to ask if they could help, I was nearly crying. They said there was nothing they could do and I had to phone Domino's,” she told The Mirror. "The manager didn't even offer for me to go to the other store. I said can I come and collect the money back from them and they said no they can't do that.”

Clair said she fed her children “crisps and things” she had, but they were disappointed and hungry.

"I really, really wish I wasn’t there to see the disappointment on my youngest son's face, not to mention the fact that they were hungry and upset,” she said.

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