Mom claims her baby was abused at suburban daycare

Both DCFS and police are investigating a daycare in the western suburbs after a mom says her toddler ended up with multiple bites and bruises.

16-month-old Jesus is all smiles in his mother's arms, but the lingering bruises on his body hint at the suffering his mom fears he endured.

“They're really purple. I know that had to hurt, and just imagine my baby crying and suffering and they not doing anything it hurts a lot,” said Eliana Barrera.

Barrera says she got a call Monday afternoon from the Young Achievers Learning Center in Franklin Park, with the owner saying her son was having a bad day and had one bite and a bruise.

“When I got there he had bruises and bites all over his body,” mom said. “I asked her what happened, she told me she didn't know. I asked her who was taking care of my baby, she said she didn't know.”

Barrera called Franklin Park police and took her son to the ER where she says the doctor found 10 bites.

“I went crazy. I start crying, because it's not right. It's a baby and it still hurts a lot because I don't have no answers,” Barrera said. “I know my son is going to cry, how did the teachers not notice, he had all these marks over his body.”

FOX 32 reached out to the day care, but got no response. Now, DCFS is investigating the allegation of neglect so are Franklin Park police.

“I just want answers, I just want to know what happened to him,” mom said.

Barrera has been taking time off work to watch Jesus herself as she waits to learn who hurt her baby.