Mom upset after baby's Bluetooth nightlight allegedly picks up audio from neighbor's adult film

Oh, baby.

A mother in Scotland got scared when she heard strange noises coming from her baby’s bedroom late at night — only to realize later that her tot’s Bluetooth nightlight had picked up the sounds of a neighbor watching an X-rated film.

Over the weekend, Dawn Lothian and Josh Mackay were watching TV at their Edinburgh home when they heard mysterious moaning from their baby daughter River’s bedroom, South West News Service (SWNS) reports.


Startled, the mom rushed to investigate — and said their sleeping five-month-old was about to wake up from the noisy sounds of an adult film inexplicably blaring through the Bluetooth device.

"When I went through I was like 'Oh my goodness,’" Lothian, 29, recalled. "You could tell in an instant what it was — you didn't need to know the language to know what was happening," she added.

"It was quite loud, my daughter was starting to toss and turn."

The nightlight, which Lothian purchased through Amazon, plays music and projects stars, she said. Lothian added that she assumed someone had accidentally connected to the device, but she wasn't about to let it happen again.

The next day, the proactive parent posted a note on the door of their shared building to call out the unknown culprit.

"Whoever was watching porn last night at 11:30 p.m. has connected their device to our babies nightlight, can you please disconnect ASAP, thanks," Lothian wrote.

Ever since, the mom says, the scolding seems to have worked. Lothian told The Daily Record that she hasn't heard an explicit beep from the Bluetooth since posting the open letter.

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