More people switching back to flip phones

Old school flip phones are once again gaining popularity.

Some people are switching back because they are sick of being inundated by content on their smart phones. Others just like the flip phones because they are a lot cheaper.

Even Hollywood is using them, with Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Cruise flipping out on the Red Carpet.

“I remember when the original Razor came out, everybody wanted to have it. It was beautiful. It could practically fit in your wallet,” said Tyler Thompson.

Experts like Thompson say the return of the flip phone is a way to limit distractions and cut costs.

“The value – just the fact that they don't cost $8 to $900 dollars most of the time is what most people find generally attractive about them and they're easy to use,” Thompson said.

Another bonus is they limit screen time and the non-stop stream of social media notifications.

“Constantly being connected can kind of wear on a person with time and it is nice to kind of turn off and decompress,” Thompson said.

Thompson and his repair team say smartphone repair costs are another factor.

“Where the screen repair is well over $200-dollars and you could replace it with a flip phone, which you would use for generally the same things for 4-5 times over that price,” he said.

Flipping the script on the low cost and low maintenance benefits are the release of two high-end flip phones.

Motorola is releasing their new version of the Razor, with the price tag at $1500 dollars.

Samsung is debuting their new foldable screen flip phone in April, with a price tag of $2500 bucks.

A couple more benefits of an old-school flip phone: it's a lot more satisfying to hang up on someone, by snapping it shut, than it is to just stab the "end call" icon.

Also, with a flip phone, there is no risk of butt dialing.