More women come forward accusing Illinois restaurant owner of 'up-skirting'

Four new women came forward on Friday after a story aired on FOX 32 Thursday night about a suburban restaurant owner who allegedly recorded videos up the skirts of young female employees.

The owner, 58-year old Michael Papandrea, was working at Parmesan's Wood Stone Pizza in Frankfort on Friday, but refused to talk.

He's facing 17 misdemeanor and felony charges.
A 375-page complaint filed in circuit court alleges he installed tiny cameras to his shoes and instructed his female employees to wear skirts. One of the alleged victims says she was 14 at the time.

"He has three locations, and we’ve been able to identify video recordings from all three locations," said Lindsay Proskey of David A. Axelrod & Associates.

Proskey represents eight alleged victims.

They hired a forensic expert who says he uncovered deleted files from a computer and cell phone

The attorneys claim 1,900 of those videos were recorded at Parmesan locations, and they believe there could be at least 500 victims out there.

"There's women pushing their strollers, women in malls, in fitting rooms. We are working with our expert to figure out where these recordings took place," said Proskey.