Mount Prospect police respond to hoax 911 call of a person shot inside residence

Police are investigating after a hoax 911 call was made stating that a person was shot inside a residence in Mount Prospect.

At about 2:51 p.m., Mount Prospect officers responded to the 500 block of South Wille Street for a 911 call of a person shot inside a residence, police said.

The homeowner was not there, and police were able to contact them by phone.

A search was conducted of the home, and they did not locate anyone who was injured or shot.

It was determined that the 911 call was a hoax and an incident of ‘swatting.’


‘Swatting’ is the act of creating a hoax 911 call to bring a large police response to an unsuspecting person's residence, police said.

The ‘swatting’ call appears to have been placed by someone in a different state.

Anyone with any information that might assist in identifying and locating the offender is asked to call the Investigative Unit at (847) 870-5654.