Naperville Riverwalk underwater as Chicago area hit with heavy flooding

Heavy flooding is hitting the suburbs hard this week, especially in Naperville, where the Riverwalk is completely underwater. 

People along the Riverwalk have been marveling at the beauty in it, but at the same time, expressing concern as it spills over its banks.

"It’s actually impressive, Mother Nature,” said Dave Abhalter, Naperville resident. "We got to take care of things because stuff happens, you know?"

Along the popular Riverwalk, steps are now underwater, a site that’s drawing people to it. City officials want people to be cautious when driving around. Flooding caused a few roads to close earlier Wednesday. 

“We had one last night, 8th Avenue, that we were monitoring and closed for a little bit,” said Linda Lccloche, Naperville Communications Manager. “We had Julian Street this morning that had to be closed, but those have reopened.”

In Warrenville, a tow truck had to pull three stalled cars out of a foot of standing water. Alex Nunez was in one of them.

“On my way to pick up another passenger and the car died it was pouring so hard, you couldn’t see,” said Nunez.

Back in Naperville, it’s normally just a grassy area. On Wednesday night, residents here are calling it Lake Naperville.

The flow of the river is controlled upstream at the Fawell Dam, and city officials will be notified if engineers are forced to lower the gates to release more pent up water.

City officials say because it was dry Wednesday, they saw some improvement. However, tomorrow’s rain could change that, and they’re telling businesses along the Riverwalk to be prepared.