Naperville teacher allegedly rented vehicle off Turo app to use in student race, caused $4K in damages

It started as a feel-good story in the automotive shop at Naperville North High School.

An all-female student group was building a truck to break a land speed record. 

However, on the way to the race last weekend in Beeville, Texas, teacher Gregory Ditch said the truck became inoperable.

"We were on the phone for hours all night trying to find some type of vehicle somewhere," said Ditch.

Geovanni Morales, a San Antonio native, says a request came in from Ditch on the Turo app to rent his 2021 Toyota Supra GR 3.0, a rare sports car.

"I've been doing rentals for a while," said Morales. "Usually I'm concerned when it's a younger guy. He's a lot older, he knows about cars, he's a teacher, so I'm like ok my car's in good hands."

The app allows car owners to rent their vehicles to anyone.

Morales said, and Turo confirmed, that Ditch rented the vehicle for approximately three days, but Morales says he left out an important detail. 

"I was like I don't know why, I get a feeling that maybe this guy was racing this car," said Morales.

When FOX 32's Natalie Bomke asked Ditch if the dealership or wholesaler was aware that his team would be racing the vehicle, he replied, "Yes, absolutely."

When the vehicle was returned, Morales noticed something wasn't right. 

With some internet sleuthing, Morales discovered photos and videos confirming his suspicions. 


"The funny thing is they were bragging about winning this competition that she did," said Morales.

A competition that put the pedal to the metal, getting the vehicle up to 160 miles per hour. 

"He did wear down all the tires," said Morales. "The brakes are definitely worn down because they got the car up to 160 miles an hour."

Morales says the damage totals nearly $4,000.

"First, he told me, as you saw in the screenshot, that it wasn't that car that it was a completely different car and I told him, so you happened to come across a car that looked just like mine, same color, same color wheels that are not stock. I mean come on," said Morales.

Photos posted on social media by students show the car's license plate, which matches the vehicle owned by Morales. 

When FOX 32's Natalie Bomke asked Ditch, "So just to be clear, you didn't rent it from Turo or did you?" Ditch replied, "No, did not, did not."

"I borrowed the vehicle from, we ended up with the vehicle from, it didn't come from Toyota, so I started making some phone calls and I got it from a dealer," said Ditch.

Turo sent Morales a letter after a third-party investigation stating, "We definitely have enough to show they were violating our prohibited uses and racing the vehicle. We will follow up with them for further action." 

"We borrowed it, it's legitimate, so I don't know who he is or what the full story is with him, but that's not at all what happened," said Ditch.

Turo released a statement saying: 

"We are saddened that this experience didn’t meet the high standards we expect from our community. Our team is in contact with both parties and is actively investigating."

Natalie Bomke spoke to Naperville North, who provided the following statements: 

"Naperville 203 is aware of the concerns raised by Mr. Morales and is in the process of investigating the situation. Naperville 203 continues to value the accomplishments of our students participating in the Naperville North High School Girls Auto Club. Participating in the club has been an extremely positive experience for our students, who have been able to learn, grow and create. We will continue to highlight the accomplishments of our students and ensure that their hard work and outstanding efforts are recognized."