Naperville teen Maggie Owen competes on American Ninja Warrior show

A Naperville teenager is going to jump, crawl, and hopefully climb her way to the top of the "American Ninja Warrior" competition. 

Maggie Owen made the cut in this year's 13th season of the show.


The 17-year-old has been training at the Ultimate Ninja Gym in Naperville, alongside two other competitors in the show.  

This is the first time that teens will be allowed to battle adults.

"They are definitely surprised when they see us. But I mean, it's got to be the new normal seeing all the teens are just coming in, competing all the time," Owen said. 

Owen is one of more than a dozen local athletes to compete in the show. Cameron Baumgartner, 23, is on his third try.

"Those fails and those heartbreaks and upsets have only taught me about how to come back stronger," said Baumgartner.