Worker at Elmhurst car dealership files lawsuit alleging racism

A Black worker spoke out Monday about discrimination he faced while working for an Elmhurst car dealership.

A lawsuit was filed against Ed Napleton Elmhurst Imports, a Kia dealership located at 727 W. Grand Avenue.

The case stems from allegations of racist behavior from Andre Jenning's white supervisor at the dealership from April 2019. Jennings said it was a daily occurrence.

"It got to the point where I wanted to stop doing deals with him specifically and going to other managers because he would use the n-word, saying ‘Hey, what’s up my n*****,' 'What’s up? Take this deal back to the finance department.' Even going as far as to joke one time like ‘You guys are called shines, right?'" Jennings said.

FOX 32 has reached out to the dealership for comment on the lawsuit.