National Coffee Day 2023: The best part of waking up, are these freebies and deals

Inflation may be up, but you can't afford to be tired. That's why it's important to take advantage of these National Coffee Day deals happening Sept. 29. 

Dunkin': Members of the chains' loyalty program, Dunkin; Rewards, will get a chance at a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase on Sept. 29. 

Krispy Kreme: The iconic doughnut chain is actually offering free coffee no strings attached. On Sept. 29, guests can receive a free medium hot or iced coffee, no purchase necessary. 

Circle K: Customers can get a free cup of coffee when using the Circle K app through Oct. 2. 

Pilot Flying J: Guests can choose any size hot or iced coffee for a free cup on Sept. 29. 

Tim Horton's: Get a free iced or hot coffee from the Canadian-based chain with the purchase of at least $3. The brand is also launching a limited-edition line of coffee-themed merch to celebrate the holiday.

McDonald's: Head to the famous golden arches for a 99 cent coffee through Dec. 31, after using the McDonald's app to order. 

Americans love coffee

If they could only have one, Americans would likely choose coffee over doughnuts.

That’s according to a report from The NPD Group, which gauged adults’ eating habits.

Of the 18,000 quick-service doughnut shops in the country, Americans ordered 2 billion servings of coffee in the year ending October 2019 versus only 805 million doughnuts.

"We are a nation of coffee drinkers and while we like our donuts, too, we tend to be fueled by coffee and drink more of it," David Portalatin, NPD food industry advisor and author of Eating Patterns in America, said in the statement. "The takeaway for donut shops? If you serve good tasting coffee with your good tasting donuts, consumers will visit."

Only 15 percent of quick-service donut purchases included a coffee-doughnut combo, in fact. And for doughnut shop patrons overall, 68 percent of purchases include just a coffee and 30 percent were doughnut-only buys. The coffee buyers tend to be "aficionados" too. Specialty drink orders were up 14 percent versus 4 percent for standard coffee, according to the report.