Neighborhood flyer bashes 'urban colonist,' slams gentrification

Courtesy of Imgur

A flyer posted along Humboldt Park Boulevard has caused quite the uproar online, adding to the larger debate over gentrification in Chicago neighborhoods.

The flyer features an image of a bearded, hip-ly dressed man framed by the words "WARNING" and "URBAN COLONIST." 

It reads:

"Be cautious of man buns, beards, and side parted hairdos. Late 20's-early 30's, gueros, privileged and on the search for a hip coffee shop. ¡Cuidado! They displace el corazón y el alma of neighborhoods. "

The flyer is only the latest in the city's divisive battle over gentrification.

In May, hundreds of protestors marched along The 606 trail to raise awareness of the families and longtime residents who feel like they are being pushed out of their neighborhoods due to property tax hikes and soaring rents.