Neighbors help save 2 toddlers dangling from 2nd-floor window

Two young children were seen hanging from a second-floor window this week in the Hermosa neighborhood, prompting a parent’s worst nightmare.

The toddlers, not even 2 years old, were seen hanging from a second-floor window. 
Their diapered bottoms and legs were exposed and dangling over the ledge. 

Denise Ochoa was one of the several on the sidewalk with their arms up in the air and feeling helpless. 

“There was a guy next to me and I'm like okay there's two babies if they both fall I'm going to let you catch that one and I will catch the other one,” Ochoa said.

It happened around 5:30 Tuesday night at an apartment complex near Kildare and Palmer. 

“I was knocking really hard I was screaming out I rang every doorbell and no one came out,” Ochoa said.

Thankfully, a passerby who had a ladder in his truck stopped and assisted the crowd outside with assuring the kids’ safety.

Ochoa said the man on the ladder was able to safely get the other toddler back inside and close the window. 

By this time Chicago Police were on scene and went to investigate. 

Both children were uninjured and police said there was an adult present at the time but they did not observe the two children climbing out the window. 

The Department of Children and Family Services has launched an investigation.