Nephew of stolen Kia crash victim speaks out after teen suspects released from custody

A family is in mourning after a shocking tragedy over the weekend in the southwest suburbs.

Police say three 13-year-olds in a stolen Kia caused a crash that killed a 71-year-old man.

The victim — identified as Donald Carter — was a lifelong resident of Robbins, described as a devout family man. His relatives are angry that the teenagers suspected of killing him were released by authorities.

"He was fun-loving. Jokester, loved to crack jokes," said Aaron Crutchfield, Carter's nephew.

Carter was an avid mechanic. Police found his ford Taurus mangled in a ditch Sunday around 230 p.m.

The beloved father and grandfather died at an area hospital.


Robbins police say three 13-year-old boys were inside a stolen Kia when it crashed into Carter’s vehicle. It happened right in front of his senior complex along South Claire Boulevard.

Neighbor David Moore captured police taking the suspects into custody not too far from the scene. The three teens were later released to their parents.

"That’s a slap in our family's face," said Crutchfield. "Why? They were in a stolen car."

The incident follows a spike in Kia and Hyundai’s being stolen nationwide. The perpetrators are mainly teenagers using USB chords to start the engine — a popular TikTok challenge that continues to grow.

Now, local lawmakers are trying to hold social media and carmakers accountable.

"I’m gonna introduce a bill this week to personally hold Kia, YouTube, and also to look at holding TikTok responsible because they created the panic," said state Rep. Thaddeus Jones.

Still no charges have been filed.

The teen suspects are still in the care of their parents.

The mayor of Robbins said police are closely working with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office on the case.