New affordable apartment complex being built on Chicago's South Side

Sweet home, Chicago.

On Monday, city leaders broke ground on a new apartment complex in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

With nearly $40 million in city support, this is the first of more than 10 major construction projects as part of the city's INVEST South/West Initiative.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the initiative prioritizes community input and the use of Black and brown developers who are from the communities where these projects are taking place.


"Since the onset of my administration, one of my hightest priorities has been bringing exactly the kind of transformative, catalytic work, and investment – real dollars – into historically underserved communities on the South and the West side," Lightfoot said.

The two-building, 58-unit mixed-use complex is being built on 79th and Greet Street.

All the apartments in both buildings will be priced at affordable levels, with monthly rental rates ranging from $925 to $1,250 per month.