New details released after Chicago woman allegedly crashed into vehicle during wild gas station confrontation

Bond has been set for a Chicago woman who allegedly crashed into two vehicles — causing the vehicle she was driving to flip over — after an argument at a Forest Park gas station Sunday.

Kendra Nance, 31, has been charged with criminal damage to property, aggravated assault using a deadly weapon, reckless conduct — driving while never issued a license and reckless driving — leaving the scene. 

At about 3:10 p.m. Sunday, Nance allegedly got into a verbal altercation with two women, ages 24 and 29, in the Thorntons Gas Station parking lot located at 601 S. Harlem Ave.

During the altercation, prosecutors say Nance got into a vehicle and proceeded to loop around in the parking lot, positioning herself perpendicular to the area where the victims and their vehicle were located.

Nance then allegedly accelerated and drove between gas pumps toward the victim's vehicle and crashed into it. The victims moved out of the way and Nance's boyfriend was dragged along, prosecutors said.


The victims' vehicle suffered heavy damage as a result.

Nance allegedly attempted to flee the scene, causing a second crash by driving southbound In the northbound lane of Harlem Avenue. After striking a second vehicle, her vehicle flipped over, prosecutors said.

Nance and her boyfriend then fled the scene on foot. Both Nance and her boyfriend suffered injuries.

Jae Mills, who was with his family, recorded the confrontation and said a woman, later identified as Nance, was behind the wheel of a Ford SUV and started hurling homophobic and racial slurs at two other women.

"They started throwing cups and bottles. I said it's about to escalate," he told FOX 32 Chicago.

One of the victims is seen on video throwing a bottle at the Ford SUV, which at the time was being driven by Nance's boyfriend.

Shortly after that, the fight escalated with Nance purposely driving the Ford SUV into a red van and dragging her boyfriend several feet.

She then raced out of the gas station parking lot and hit another vehicle, which is when the Ford SUV she was in flipped over.

Nance managed to exit out of the driver’s side broken window and was captured on video laughing.

Nance has three prior felonies, including aggravated battery to a peace officer in 2021 and theft and robbery in 2020.

She also has three prior misdemeanors including charges of battery in 2017, 2018 and 2021.

Bond has been set at $200,000 for Nance, plus electronic monitoring. 

Her next court date is scheduled for May 12.