New homeowner finds Jenga blocks holding up bathroom fixture

It’s probably not a good idea to fix a house using pieces from a game that’s specifically about knocking over a structure.

New homeowners never know what they’re going to find when moving into a house that’s been previously lived in. Some people like to fix problems themselves and can oftentimes come up with weird solutions to simple issues.

For example, a new homeowner recently shared a video to social media after she discovered that the previous owners apparently used game pieces to prop up a fixture in the bathroom.

Dakota Delaney posted a video to her TikTok account showing what she found when she was inspecting a loose toilet paper dispenser in the bathroom. When she moved the fixture away from the wall, it easily came out.

Attached to the back of the fixture were several Jenga game blocks. Jenga is a game where players stack blocks and remove pieces one at a time. The person who eventually knocks over the tower is the loser.

Many users on TikTok made the same joke about how Delaney was lucky the house didn’t fall down when she pulled the Jenga blocks out of the wall. Other users who owned homes themselves related to Delany’s situation, claiming they had found similar oddly done repair work (although most didn’t go into detail).

Since the video was originally posted, it has been viewed over 5.2 million times.

Most users seemed amused by the Jenga situation, with one user joking, "There are at least 90 more convenient ways to not do it correctly."


Other users applauded the apparent ingenuity of the previous homeowner, with one commenter replying, "Modern problems require modern solutions."

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