New incarnation of Pinhead in Hulu's reboot of 'Hellraiser'

One of the most iconic horror films of the 1980’s is being remade – and the film’s legendary monster is getting an update as well.

The new remake of Hellraiser starts streaming on Hulu this week – and the film’s infamous villain, aptly nicknamed Pinhead is being played by a woman for the first time.

Actress Jamie Clayton takes over the role, originally made famous by actor Doug Bradley in the 1987 original – and told FOX 32 Entertainment Reporter Jake Hamilton that the actor approves of her taking over the role.


"He did tweet the other day," Clayton said, "He was asked at one of the conventions where he was doing an appearance and somebody asked him about it."

The actress added "He’s actually a fan of a show I did called ‘Sense 8’ and gave me his blessing, and that was so great."

Hellraiser starts streaming on Hulu on Friday, October 7.